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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foundations and Grace

Lori took time out of her busy life to come by and bring me a lovely card case with beautiful keys pictured. The key is of course a symbol and metaphor for the project that I was introduced to
through " Door to Grace" via "Sixpence Antiques". These picture are of the training event I was privileged to be a part of by sharing and selling my art. Everyone was so enthusiastic and welcoming.

"Door to Grace" is building a home for girls who are rescued from the sex trafficking trade. They are training volunteers and bring together resources for the reclamation of these women's lives. I encourage anyone who stops by this sight to check them out and include them in your support[if possible] and say a prayer most definitely for their success.

This leads me to a subject which Lori and I discussed....BUILDING A STRONG FOUNDATION! As we talked she shared how their time has been spent doing just that for the charity and the home they plan to build. What really became clear is that anything we wish to accomplish...even my NIA (my dance/exercise) practice begins by building a strong stable base.Learning a new art technique or skill begins with a foundation. This is true with almost all skills and pleasures. So often I just want to be at the end....setting the strong base(foundation) of the skill I want, does take time...I am usually in a hurry. Great results begin with that strong foundation I want to bypass, alas a human trait does not always serve me in the best way. Yeah!!! Lori thank you for the soul lesson. Patience,strong bases, good foundations all blessings, skills and creative challenges start here...and for me that takes patience and courage!

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