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Monday, May 2, 2011


A slower trip to California....regarding my Aunt's estate.

We have spent many a happy time along the California coast. I remember dreaming about someday living in the beautiful town of

Mendocino. I wasn't until I found Oregon that I knew I had found home.

We continued on down the coast,ending up in Ft. Bragg. A lady in a wayside told us about "glass beach". This is a beach below the cliffs where MANY years ago they would dump over the edge...the glass has washed and turned in the surf...now the beach is tiny washed pieces of multicolored glass bits. "Yup" You know I couldn't pass up that and my sweet patient husband...well...you know we passed some time there with a promise to return. With all "glass pickers" and me there they must have taken up tons of glass over the years.

The next day it was on to Mendocino. The town is an historic sight and hasn't really changed much since we were there almost 33 years ago. The town is shown in the opening credits of "Murder She Wrote" and Jessica's house is one of the charming ginger bread houses that line the streets.

As we left town we stopped by one of our fondest memories...the Heritage House is an inn over looking a magical rugged cove. It was something unique in days past. No phones, no T.V.s. It was just fireplaces gardens and charming rooms in acres of "SPECIAL"!!!! Alas it is closed
but we snuck up to take one last photo of that red door. The movie "Same Time Next Year" made it well known in the 70s. I am just full of tid bits of information~~?~~~!!

I will write more later about....gardens,antiques and finally closing family history.

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Florence said...

What a gold mind with all that glass. Wow!!!!