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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blessed Christmas

The thaw has begun. Thank heaven. Jason and Kate and kids came early. Andre and Rose made it but got stuck for an hour in the drive way. Then David got his car stuck helping them. Jessica called and we had such a nice talk with the joyous laughter of the Verburg family game in the background. All made it home with bags of food and goodies. It was a wonderful day.
Gifts were to be from our heart and time given. Not to be money driven. Andre is giving me a manual for use of this instrument I am using. Jason gave me my new website email and his management of same. I don't even understand all it entails but it is exciting. We will meet soon and figure out how I want it to look.
The new year will find me trying to figure it all out and hopefully selling on line through my gallery. YEAH!

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