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Sunday, December 7, 2008


I just returned from the show in Lake Oswego and want to say how excited I am to have met so many new people and reconected with old acquaintances from Willow Nest days. Iwill up load picture of Londen/ Camden Mkt. etc. for all those who bought the wonderfull felted bracelets. I thought they were wonderful and am so glad others found them so. I will also blog about the trip England.

I so want to thank those who support my creative endvours and encourage me to continue on with challange called blogging! The computer is a true and new challange for me and I will persavere!!!!!! More to come!

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ludmil said...

Hi Julie.This is great shot from above.Where is from?I can not wait to see the avalanche of British trip fotos coming to the blog.Go girl!!Get the laptop humming and the camera running and Andrew behind the command desk and give us a Christmass visual treat!!!