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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

Well.... More than one snow day! That leaves me time to clean , eat and struggle with my computer.

I would like to thank the great artists I met this last weekend. I met Alex ie. cecily ink and Teri ie. 2Monkees, at the Christmas mkt. place. Teri I found out is in Theo's in the Pearl and Ihad read about cecily ink before. THey invited me to an artisan holiday sale. Long story .... what a lovely group of ladies!!! I had met Amy from Candywinkle ie. Goosey Press at Wilow Nest in the past. I have bought wholesale from Peggy ie. pflynn Designs. She has a gift with mixing scents and is in alot of great stores. There is Julie ie. Fuzzbags who makes the greatest felt bags and fun items. I could have spent hours just talking to them but they were there to sell and had a good crowd. After MY shopping we all promised to stay in touch and I look forward to that!

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