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Monday, March 21, 2011


"Happiness cannot be traveled to,owned, earned, won or consumed. Happiness is...the Spiritual experience...of living every minute with loving grace and gratitude."

I copied this from someone somewhere. It's message resonates within me today and every time I read it. A reminder!

The smell of Spring is in the air outside of my back door. The daphne is in bloom..violets and long awaited daffodils. All these are gifts of Grace, it is up to me to provide the gratitude for the abundant gifts that are in my life. Often I rush...forget and loose myself in all the "things" that seem so important at the time. Today I give thanks to my angels that I found these words...this reminder.


Laurie said...

Hi Julie! That is a lovely quote and personal for me as gratitude has been on my mind this week! Have a great week ~Laurie

Julie said...

Thank you sweet Laurie gratitude is...well you know<3