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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Clear Table~~~Almost

The table is clear. Sweet Thea picked up
spring nests and lots of great things for her store in"the pearl". I have enjoyed making tiny nests in and under glass in various containers. Always a fun way to usher in spring time....even if it is slow in arriving.

That leaves me with the opportunity to begin new projects. It seem that I would rather work on my long table than in any other work space. David and family are so patient with my creative needs. So...on to the next. If you get a chance...visit my art at Thea's and Sixpence[Lake Oswego] Send me strong creative energy and oh yes {SPRING } thoughts and wishes!!!!!


Thea said...

Thank you Julie for a nice visit and your wonderful treasures!!


Florence said...

I am sending them to you!!!! Hugs Florence

gretchen said...

rain, rain, go away....

i'll sing it with you!

paprika rose said...

Loved this post! I can't wait to get to Portland (in May) to visit Thea's Antiques. I'll get to see your treasures there...? Cheers...Agnes