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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cat Petting= Joy

" garden wakens in cold...a sun shaft cheers and in my soul...joy rises----sometimes i forget"

I have an unsettled spirit. I am trying to "figure" it out. That's me "figure it out Julie". I want to just settle into me and wait...not force things. There has been a lot happening lately. Funeral,family and memories. I rise to the occasion, adrenalin pumping...I am proud of that. I know how to "solve" problems, fix things. What I don't know,is what to do with the "LULL"....the waiting for the weather to turn, warm the garden to wake up!
Creating has often taken up that "space". Experiencing a "TUG" to what I don't know; from what I don't know. I can avoid the voice by checking face book and blogs but that too often frustrates my need to figure it out. So many out in the "world" seem to have done just that.
I am choosing gratitude...that will be the ladder up and out of myself. I am going to list and bless each thing in my life and be thankful...even the most difficult things.
There is that "glass half full " thing....OK !!! "SNAP OUT OF IT JULIE" I think I am going to pet my cats!

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Florence said...

Let the healing happen and then the creativity will over flow. When I lost my mother-in-law I was strong for every one around me, then it hit me, I fell hard and then went deep within and found what I needed and that was to be creative, thus I created healing light catchers. Hugs to you my friend. Florence