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Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Fever

I can't seem to get my act together! My creative muse has left me or is on vacation. I am hiding out. Even my garden doesn't beckon to me. I feel I should blog but who cares?

I wish I could just let myself ride out these times without worrying and doubting myself.....it[the fire of creativity] does return or at least has in the past. This is sounding dismal.......cut to yesterday with Jay,Kate Lauren, Ashton and "The Lion King" I wanted to get up on that stage and dance with the cast!!!!! We all enjoyed it and celebrating Lauren's 16th birthday! Amazing how time flies........and so my mood will pass and I will DANCE!!!!!

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ChristineMarieStudio said...

I can relate! I am doing everything but creating. Sounds like a crafty getaway is in order... it looks like I need to check out Sixpence. The piece in the picture is fantastic!