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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keep on Growing!!!!!!!!!!

TEDDY ON THE MOVE****************

I just read Willow Nest's blog! Linda and Ludmil have announced their plans to move to another town in Texas called McKinney......also to re---enter the retail world. They have a long history of "magical" retail spaces. I think this will be an exciting chance and change.
Reinventing ourselves and rediscovering our passions is always quite a journey. I have been in an artistic slump and reading Linda's beautiful expression of their journey has given me pause...........the Universe is offering each of us a daily choice.....listening and being quiet can allow an opportunity to make that coice. I don't like feeling STUCK! It is hard for me to embrace being still. This is why meditating has been such a challenge for me.
My sweet daughter in -law Kate and I were discussing opportunities and creativity. She has a wonderful new invitation to "spread her wings" and expand the message of "Truly BE". I realized that fear can keep me bogged down. Fear and worries for my sweet children and each of their day to day lives.I have spoken before......it is the mantra of my life to let them walk their own paths.
So.....the message of this long note is reminding me....L&L are growing and creating. I need and want to be less fearful and being stuck may be just creativity taking a breather!!!!!


lulu said...

what are you going to do next?

Ormolulu said...

Hi Julie . . . maybe it would be good to spend time around other artists. You probably know Terri Brush is doing a seminar with Cindy/Tarte. Wish I wasn't so far away--that would be amazing!