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Monday, August 2, 2010

simple things

SO, how do I spend my time? Since summer has arrived and my yard is singing and my muse is on vacation.....!! What have I been doing?One thing is learning how to get involved with Face Book. You know me and technology. If you don't well then you haven't heard me yelling to the universe and that is probably a good thing.

I have also been"wooing" several blue jays!!! If you have ever read "The Little Prince" than you might remember how he patiently tamed the fox. I spent many minutes taming a feral kitty. I so enjoyed earning the trust and sitting patiently [not my strong suit] as he came softly.....

Years later at my mom and dad's....we fed a jay "Scruffy" by hand. Well......I have always appreciated the feathers the jays have left me and now I am trying to earn the "trust" and tame the jays. Raw peanuts and patience are paying off. I can sit below and stand next to the little plate where they come to claim their treat. I see her[she is, I think or a young male] now on the phone wire waiting. He/she takes the nut into the hedge....pokes it into the ground.....and then covers it with a leaf. I love watching that and I often find peanuts in my planters. Do you think they can remember where they put them? They must have a better memory than I.

So that is what I have been doing!!!! Along with gardening, cleaning the shop and some "things " that will pop up later on "The Withies" FB page. Oh.... I have also spent time "messin" with changing colors.

One more thing !! We are headed to Calif. To see family and friends and.....go to the Rose Bowl Swap meet. Not that I need a Thing....I think maybe my MUSE is hiding there.

I have to go tame my jay now!*********

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