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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A reminder to those who get this!!!!!!! First Thursday is this Thursday. I will be at Thea's Antiques on the corner of 12th. and Glissan. If you haven't been to a First Thursday in the Pearl disct. ,you have been missing out on a great monthly event. Galleries and shops open ...serve goodies and host artists. I am privileged to be at Thea's this month. It is a wedding event for which I have created fantasy wedding cake an many other fun creations. I would love to say hello and shareThea's wonderland!!!!!!!!!!


ChristineMarieStudio said...

Your set up was fantastic. I loved the necklace with the clear beads and fun pendant / ribbon around the back of the neck. This is worth a look!

Cheryl said...

Hi Julie...I told you to be ready for a comment. I stopped in at Thea's on "First Thursday" in the afternoon...it was just a spur of the moment decision, and my first time in the shop.
I met you, Julie, and what a wonderful treat that was. The shop was beautiful...the kind of things you dream about, and your creations and antique pieces are so lovely.
You are a joy...I am so happy I met you...I will keep in touch now that I have your blog site. I love my purchases :)