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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Begins

One of the first signs of spring in my garden is the hellebore. Called the Christmas rose but peeking out here after Christmas has past and before the daphne has begun to scent the air near my back door. I have to go looking for them in the chilly air of spring. Well worth the hunt and ever a reminder... look for the beauty even when life is less than inviting.

A new life has entered the world..a sweet new nephew , sad that his grandpa never got to hold his grand sons. Beautiful all the same. My 90 year old Aunt is preparing to pass...the sadness, yes but what an expression of love she has left me in caring for my dad in his last days and allowing me to care for her as she prepares. The cycle of life and the cycle of seasons all a little sad...a lot joyous as it renews itself. I just need to go looking. I thinks I will pick a sprig of daphne bring it in and let it be"forced" to flower a little early. Many things in life cannot be forced but aren't we lucky the gifts of the garden can.

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