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Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Truly Be" and a BOUNTIFULL Sale

I am ready for "The Withies "sale!!! The weather is in a rush for Autumn. We were supposed to have sun and I am crossing fingers and toes!!!!

This picture was done for My dear daughter-in-law and "TRULY B". Check it out on line and face book. We women need to support and spread the message of BEING......BOLD..BRAVE..BRIGHT and all the other wonderful Bs we can. Oh yes and of course BOUNTIFUL .

Again I hope to see good friends and share the bounty of my garden...and of course goodies.

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Ima Gyde said...

Thanks, Julie, for the lovely shout-out! And this picture is fabulous, I love it! We hope to see you tomorrow late afternoon. Will keep you posted. Loves! KT