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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Arriving

Fall has come early. I love the season...but am sad to see how short summer was this year. I seem to spend a lot of time watching the creatures in the garden burying nuts that have ripened on the walnut tree. The blue jays have used up all the space in the hedges and pots. I have not as yet been able to feed them by hand but they will let me stand next to the feeder. There is definitely a "pecking order" between the two females one is always the boss. The tiny finches fill the garden at times. I do live to see them swarm the sunflower seeds.
So as hollyhocks bend their heads to spread their seeds...the asters begin to bloom and at last the tomatoes have ripened...some of them...I ready myself for a slower season in the garden. I am however busy with Christmas. Sixpence has wonderful plans and have invited me to be a part. I love working with Laura and Jay. Their enthusiasm and excitement are infectious. Therefore after David and I return from a lovely vacation, my world will one dusted with glitter and wrapped in tinsel. HO HO HO!!!!

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