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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taking a quiet moment

The season rushes on. I am taking a moment to breathe and appreciate. My life is blessed....not without its challenges. Isn't it funny to call the s**** that comes our way a challenge,but it would be even better not to think of it as "stuff "and just do it with ease. That is my goal!
I have been winding down on the decorations from the show. It gives me time reflect on new plans for creating......next year and even next week. I have heard some new people have visited this blog and Santa has stopped by to pick some things up for those new friends. I guess that would be one of my new goals, to expand the things I put here on the blog....to make new friends and make time for old. I miss some of family not with me anymore but am ever gratefull for good health good friends and the "old things" I come accross and lead to create

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