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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Season Bright

Blessed and rested from a wonderful evening. Thank you to all who came and enjoyed Christmas with "The Withies". It was so good to see everyone and it was fun to share my "art" with you all. It is wonderful to show Friend's who don't know that part of me,what I do and am. That is one of the best things about doing shows and an open house like this. It is hard when people ask me what I do.........IT ALL..... is generally the answer. I have to create!

New things are in the works. New doors open and the journey continues. Excitement abound in the New Year. Just wait and see.........one thing for sure I will be hard at work expressing what is in my heart.

A BIG thank you to my children and grand children who helped me welcome as I opened my shop and home. They are the next best thing to cloning myself and as always my dear David.....supporting and cheering me on. Those of you who are with me at show know his quiet helpful presence. Thank you all!!!! Merry Christmas and New Year Blessings

I still have things all up and decorated[it may be this way 'till spring]. Many are returning and some have asked to bring friends. More are welcome!!!!!!!


Laura said...

Hi Julie! It was so great to see you and all of your beautiful creations! I have worn my necklace a couple of times and received dozens of compliments. I will email you this weekend to start the conversation about the new Sixpence Antiques and Gifts! Thanks!

Laura Angel (Susan Cole's daughter)

Florence said...

Oh Julie I had intended to come, but got side tracked, I will look forward to seeing you when you do this again, I bet everything was wonderful. Hugs Florence

Queen of Tarte said...

Julie....so sorry I missed your event! Sounds like it was a smashing success...congrats! I wish you and David the happiest of holidays and hope to see you soon. xoxo Cindy