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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A wedding and art

I will be sharing more of the wedding pictures as I receive them. It was a magical event.

It has been a year since the exciting news of our youngest announced he and Rose's engagement. It was with this announcement and search for a venue that allowed for a special vision.

At each idea I had ,Rose and I met and came together to enhance her "dream". The library room at the Governor Hotel was perfect and the vision for an English library lit with candles...domes with flowers and nests seemed so right. These pictures show the embellished books I make...the domes and nest boxes we love and even a Fairy that had become trapped in a big jar (red haired 0f course). Whimsy and candle light a beautiful crimson haired bride and a groom in top hat made for a magical night. I am so pleased to have the art I created help set the stage for the beginning and continuation of a wonderful LOVE story. We all felt it!!!


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