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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wonder Twins

We had a great time at a family wedding in San Francisco. As always catching up with family is exciting. More so with this wonderful wedding . I am afraid that last events have not been as happy. What is it "they" say about weddings and funerals????

San Francisco is a great city. We love retuning time after time....but it is crowded. I think We love returning to Portland more each time. A train trip with number one son and sweet wife made it even more exciting. Ah, train travel....sleeping in a closet size space[better than sitting up all night]....walking like a lady who has had one too many[maybe more] a lot more!!! Quite an experience. We had a wonderful time just being together...albeit close together. Great memories.

This picture is of two wonderful women.Boy did they turn heads as we walked near Union Square. They were in front of us as we left Macy's and on down the street. Notice matching pink purses,orthopedic shoes and even in step!!! GREAT! We saw them the next night as we were on the cable car. Boy is S.F. a treat. I think I have new role models!!!

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ludmil said...

so glad you had such a good time, your things look lovely at Sixpence, and Thea's too...