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Monday, October 18, 2010

a blog ia blog is a blog****

What is a blog. I seem to have lost my way in this electronic maze. I spend time checking messages,writing messages,checking face book, complain because I don't get it. I then loose my message and can't figure out why....feel inadequate....call a "child" to help me and then begin again.

I think I began to share my creativity...my art...my world. I can't figure out if anyone really cares or if I am doing it for the wrong reasons. I do love sharing my photos. Perhaps I need to search my heart and see if I have anything that wants to be said.


Christine LeFever said...

Hi, Darlin', It was so nice to hear from you on MY blog, and I thank you for your sweet comment. Of course people care about you. You are a wonderful artist and seer of beauty all around. Just stay with your beautiful self in all of your expressions and it is worth every second.



ChristineMarieStudio said...

I love what you say!