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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Beginning

I have never been a fan of New Year' Eve. It seems too much expectation for one evening. I prefer going to sleep and waking up IN a new year. It takes me at least a month to change the year on things on which I write the date!!!!

2010 is starting out just fine. Andrew has a new job[yeah!] He has been searching for so long. Now we are hoping Jessica will be able. Jason and Kate are rising to the challenges of last year. All in all the "chicks" are fine.

I am trying to focus on goals for this year. I do often hit a slump about now. We are headed off to Hawaii the middle of this month........always wonderful. I will take lots of pictures[new cards] read lots of books and generally be warm and smell the sweet air. I generally take some project with me.....what this year I have not decided.

Good news the bulbs are sending up shoots!!! It amazes me how long winter FEELS....in actuality it is not that long. I will await the snow drops and the hellebore's with great anticipation. I am enjoying the birds at the feeders and dive bombing greetings of the hummingbirds. All in all there are delights in winter.....sometimes I just forget.


Florence said...

Have a awesome time in Hawaii, may your creative juices flow freely. Florence

Robin McCoy said...

Hi julie, I met you on Kauai in my gallery in Hanapepe. We talked about blogging, I love your's. My goal is to put my up in Feb. Was great meeting and talking to you.
Aloha, Robin