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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting ready!!!!!!!!!!

We just returned from Barn House. David and I took a full van to begin setting up for the Flea Market. Joe and Jermone have done such exciting things to Barn House venue. David and I put up market lights that reminded us of the streets in Europe. I loved how they turned out but by the time we fill our booth and some space outside I don't think anyone will look up. Oh well, they got me in the mood. I will be delivering all week.

DO TAKE NOTICE! There is a detour coming on Padman Pky. We really got lost!!!! Pay attention to the changes on BH maps and signs. We got lost.

Please look for me in the barn! I know there are such great booths in the field.......... don't forget to look in the barn. Actually it rained today and I was sure glad we were warm and cozy inside.

My heavens, I just spell checked. I sure wish I had this in school. Bye for now.

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