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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Returning Can Be A Challenge

I t is that time of year...Fall is coming..it has been such a busy summer and yesterday was the first gathering of flowers from my garden. That seems amazing to me. My goals are to simplify and clear out!!!! Oh by the way...this is not my house but a picture from an England trip~~~~~I wish. 
     The sad thing is when I do return to this personal space I began as an expression of my creative journey, I can't remember how to access and use it. The learning begins again. I seem to use Face book for storing much of what I do but here I am returning, reconnecting and revisiting pictures of past trips and art.  Maybe that is the purpose...for me at least. Is that true for many of us?  Reclaiming, returning and revisiting is a process I am engaged in this more often, as my years march on. I just wish it didn't require relearning as well. I do wish I was more adept at this age of technology...for which I need the assistance of  "children" and grand children much of the time.

I am fascinated to see other artists making changes. Perhaps it is time for me to REINVENT. That is when I figure out to reboot myself. For now I think I will just try to enjoy and visit my garden.
     As usual I will attempt to blog more often BUT we know how well I do with that promise. Could they just hold off from reformatting and all the other REs ? 
     Weare goin to spend sometime  with the family at the beach...lokking forward to REconnecting .   

Monday, June 24, 2013

An Artist's Dilemma

       I am back to this blog after a long absence.  I have been "clearing"  my space!  I have promised my children I would not leave them with all my "special things"....no, I am not planning to  pass on anytime soon but then I have a lot of  "things" and I love them all.

        As a mixed media artist, I see what things can be...I want to help that happen and show myself and others what is or can be in an ordinary object. This can add so many "special  bits and bobs" to the creative space and mind.

          Add to that the collections of my life and the inheritance from loved ones and the LOVED objects start to crowd around me.  I have begun tackling this  job.  I have enjoyed hunting and gathering and can remember where each special item was found....OK that is not the theme of this blog but I had to say all  of that.

           I enjoy a tidy space...a vision of my home with it's FULL  but carefully chosen themes...editing is at hand but the big dilemma is....if I tidy and put my "bits" away ....after they are culled and cleared, will I forget them and become less creative?  Cleaning my workspace now is a bit like Christmas or shopping as I rediscover!!!!   Where I create is everywhere...on many surfaces and when the juices are flowing on more than one project. 

            Now the question to all who may read this....shall I hide  my things for the sake of tidiness?  Help me decide!

             Lastly, I would like to thank my dear husband and family for  having dinners under "challenging" often messy circumstances...after all you are living with and loving an ARTIST!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 I am returning to blog. I had used it for posting my art but have decided to expand it for my own use.

I have been using face book more than a blog space. The changes I have been aware of  in me have made me desire a place to expres.  Maybe it is Spring fever, maybe it is turning 65 or approaching other life changes but I have drawn into myself ,read more, pet my cat (Oliver) more and sad to say created "art" less.

I don't know if this pattern is lasting but I am going to talk to myself on this page...day by day or~~~?! I use to get ego envolved if no one came to my "little blog party". I am giving  myself a rest...celebrating where I am and sorting out what creativity means to me.  I certainly  give enough of my advice about life to my dear children and grand children....taking some of my own ..."there are more ways to live and be creative than on paper" 

My first or should I say NEXT moment I take here will be to share>>>with myself, the shift in life from aquiring STUFF to letting go!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For  me and others, been there done that but at his point in life...looking at what that means to ME and how I have identified with this gathering and now disperseing

Aquestion I Have to ASK~~~why no spell check on blog spot?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

found beginnings / artful endings

 I have said it before for me a journey...a creative experience usually begins with a found object.
This was a tin I found with wonderful graphics.  Then it was on to my drawers and DRAWERS of paper and words I have cut and torn out of  who knows where.
 I added the vintage ephemera for a little pop of color...the tiny bottle of paint (perfect fit). The three monkeys (speak no evil-hear no evil-see no evil) remind me of my three children.
The tiny heart locket in the bottom right hand corner opens to reveal  "Withies".  Fun touch!  This is a perfect example of my collecting of "bits and bobs" and how I may have them for a long time until they find the "just right" home.   As I have blogged before...an object will tell me what it wants to become.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Art as Comfort

Miss Kitty Eva...a dear friend

                   Saying good-bye to a friend who has been there and brought joy and comfort for so many years is hard to say the least. There have been so many good" head licks" and cuddles! I am so glad she is not suffering but making that decision is a tough one and one not taken lightly...even though she is a cat. I felt a sense of responsibility for my old friend and am sending her off with a lot of tears.
                   I am so pleased to have had art projects waiting. It feels so soothing to busy myself with something creative...at least it helped me stop crying for a little while.

                     Thank you Eva for all the love and devotion!!!!! You will be missed and remembered!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Take time~~~

       I took a walk this morning...the choice to power walk stop and smell the lilacs. it amazes me how lilacs are almost invisible until SPRING. It also amazes me how much fun it is to walk and see other gardens,when I spend so much time in mine.  Lesson learned...I don't have to power walk and I don't have to pick weeds in other's gardens. I can just admire!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


an old book cover...too pretty to throw away
my favorite Tennyson poem
Starting somewhere is better....for me that usually means a found oject.  These projects can become almost a meditation...laid out on my table....returned to over and over,changed and added to!!!

I am pleased with this one!