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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Returning Can Be A Challenge

I t is that time of year...Fall is coming..it has been such a busy summer and yesterday was the first gathering of flowers from my garden. That seems amazing to me. My goals are to simplify and clear out!!!! Oh by the way...this is not my house but a picture from an England trip~~~~~I wish. 
     The sad thing is when I do return to this personal space I began as an expression of my creative journey, I can't remember how to access and use it. The learning begins again. I seem to use Face book for storing much of what I do but here I am returning, reconnecting and revisiting pictures of past trips and art.  Maybe that is the purpose...for me at least. Is that true for many of us?  Reclaiming, returning and revisiting is a process I am engaged in this more often, as my years march on. I just wish it didn't require relearning as well. I do wish I was more adept at this age of technology...for which I need the assistance of  "children" and grand children much of the time.

I am fascinated to see other artists making changes. Perhaps it is time for me to REINVENT. That is when I figure out to reboot myself. For now I think I will just try to enjoy and visit my garden.
     As usual I will attempt to blog more often BUT we know how well I do with that promise. Could they just hold off from reformatting and all the other REs ? 
     Weare goin to spend sometime  with the family at the beach...lokking forward to REconnecting .   


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